Chai Hong Yeong, PhD
Vice President, Malaysian Association of Medical Physics

Norlisah Ramli, FRCR, MBBS
President, Malaysian College of Radiology

The “AOCR Meets IOMP” session was successfully held on 4th July 2021 at the 19th Asian-Oceanian Congress of Radiology (AOCR) 2021, one of the largest radiology congresses in Asia-Oceania. The session was proposed by the local host, Malaysian College of Radiology (MCOR, and was held for the first time in AOCR history. Three representatives from the IOMP, Madan Rehani, John Damilakis and Colin J Martin, were the invited speakers, and Kwan Hoong Ng from Malaysia moderated the session. IOMP was also the supporting organization of this congress.

The AOCR was held from 1st – 4th July 2021 as a virtual conference. The theme of the congress was “From Pixel to Clarity”. 1,219 participants from 39 countries attended the congress. 873 abstracts from 37 countries were accepted and the top 400 abstracts were published in the Korean Journal of Radiology (KJR) Supplementary issue (JCR Impact Factor 3.73).

The topics discussed during the AOCR Meets IOMP session included: “Radiation worries versus real risks in practice of radiology” by Madan Rehani, “Personalized CT dosimetry and radiation-induced risk assessment” by John Damilakis, and “Developing a strategy for optimisation in radiology department” by Colin J Martin. The session has received outstanding responses and feedback from the participants.

Another Medical Physics session on the theme of “Artificial Intelligence in Radiology” was also held. Invited speakers include Hidetaka Arimura from Japan, Maxine Tan from Malaysia, Rajendra Acharya from Singapore. Chai Hong Yeong from Malaysia chaired the session.

Overall, these sessions achieved the objective of consolidating the team work required between different specialties, in disseminating scientific and technical information, fostering educational and professional development, and promoting the highest quality medical services for patients.