As stated in the IOMP statutes, “The objectives of the International Organization for Medical Physics are to organize international cooperation in medical physics and allied subjects; to contribute to the advancement of medical physics in all its aspects, especially in developing countries”. IOMP achieves these objectives by sponsoring or endorsing meetings, classes and/or workshops with national and/or regional members. This policy is established so that all IOMP members will have equal opportunity for participation in programs to satisfy local or regional needs for assistance.

Three IOMP committees are charged with assisting members to create cooperative programs; they are the Education and Training Committee, the Professional Relations Committee and the Science Committee. Each committee focuses on different but crucial aspects of medical physics. The charges and membership of these committees are available on the IOMP Homepage at Members wishing to propose a cooperative event can either communicate directly with the chairs of one or more of these committees or with the IOMP Secretary-General. “IOMP endorsed or sponsored events must not clash with IOMP International Congresses of Medical Physics (ICMPs) and World Congresses (WCs), and should not be held within 3 months of ICMPs and WCs. The IOMP provides two levels of assistance as either an “IOMP Sponsored Event” or as an “IOMP Endorsed Event”.