Guidelines for becoming a scientific publication of IOMP

IOMP fosters the policy of recognition of scientific journals well-reputed in the field of medical physics, which are official scientific journals of IOMP’s National Member Organizations (NMOs) or Regional Organizations (ROs). A number of journals have been recognised as official publications of IOMP (see IOMP uses its channels to promote these official journals for the wider benefit of the profession.

The requirements for the relationship are the following:

a) Scientific journals should be the official scientific journals of IOMP’s NMOs or ROs

b) The journal should be indexed in PubMed

c) The application should have the concurrence of the Editor-in-Chief of the journal as well as of the President of the related organization (NMO or RO) and submitted to the President, IOMP and the Chair, Publications Committee of IOMP

d) IOMP will consider these applications based on the following:

  1. The scientific standing of the journal
  2. Its editorial status (including indexing in international databases, international diffusion, and international editorial board)
  3. The special features appealed in the application

The IOMP Publications Committee will examine the application and provide its recommendation to IOMP ExCom.

e) Upon approval of the proposal, the Presidents of the IOMP and of the NMO or RO along with the Editor-in-Chief of the journal will sign a specific agreement, with a typical validity of three years with the possibility of renewal. The agreement will indicate no financial obligation for either party. IOMP can, at its discretion, propose the names of up to three eminent scientists to the Editor-in-Chief of the journal, as members of the Board of Editors of the journal, normally for a period of three years. The journal’s websites should contain a link to IOMP’s website, the indication “An official publication of the IOMP”, and the IOMP logo. The IOMP website will have a depiction to recognize the supported journals as “official publications of IOMP” and a link to the journal’s website.

f) For those scientific journals already recognized as official publications of IOMP at the date of approval of these guidelines, they will continue holding this status, on the basis of renovated agreements including the provisions of point e) above if not previously specified.