The Equipment Donation Program (EDP) is a joint program of the AAPM and the IOMP and works to facilitate meaningful Medical Physics equipment donations that will have lasting, positive impacts on clinics around the world. The EDP’s  website: is designed to increase the likelihood that available, working-order equipment is put to good use at functional or upcoming clinics or educational institutions in low- and middle-income countries.
Those that have equipment that would like to donate, and those that would like to request specific equipment for donation, need to use the forms on the website to communicate with the program Chair. While it is recognized that this involves a rather detailed questionnaire, the intent is to provide enough specific information to increase the effectiveness of the program and to allow for follow up and improvements.

The goal is to facilitate meaningful donations, that the used equipment being donated is in working condition and that it meets the need of the recipient. The program aims to follow the WHO Guidelines for Healthcare Equipment Donations (2000), and in particular for equipment that contains radioactive sources, the recipient must provide assurance that the disposal at the end of life will be performed in accordance with IAEA guidelines.
However, the EDP only acts as a facilitator and neither the AAPM nor the IOMP offer any guarantees or assurances, nor accept any liabilities, about any equipment donated through this program.

For specific questions about the program, please send email to:

The AAPM/IOMP library program serves as a resource for medical physics and related communities in developing countries. The library program accepts book and e-journal donations and forwards them to established libraries on a per-request basis.

As of November 2014, current participation in the program involves 36 libraries located in 27 countries in 5 continents. To submit an application for the establishment of a new library, please complete this form.

The AAPM portion of the library program is administered by the International Library Subcommittee (ILSC), a subset of the International Affairs Committee (IAC).

Current ILSC chair and library curator: Allan Wilkinson, PhD

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