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A set of references was developed by the IOMP Science Committee covering the medical physics aspect of radiation therapy, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, and radiation safety. This dataset was compiled by several individuals acknowledged with each set of topics and has been reviewed by the following members of the previous IOMP Science Committee: Caridad Borras (past Chair), Bill Hendee, Jolyon Hendry, Colin Orton, and Natalka Suchowerska. The IOMP does not endorse any of these publications listed not does it assume responsibility for the use of this database.


  1. Radiotherapy Bibliography
  2. Radiation Safety Bibliography
  3. Nuclear Medicine Bibliography
  4. Medical Imaging Bibliography
  5. Chinese publications on Medical Physics
  6. IAEA Resources in Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics


  1. e-learning
  2. IAEA publications in MP
  3. IDMP
  4. Saving Lives with the Right Dose of Radiation
  5. DIRAC page with relevant informative video
  6. SSDL page

Medical Physics is a very dynamic profession – the last 20 years have changed dramatically most of its areas, introducing new methods and equipment with speed, which requires constant update of one’s knowledge. EMITEL is innovative e-Learning tool – a large searchable Web database, including multilingual Digital Dictionary of Terms with explanatory articles for each term. The total number of terms in English is approx. 3200. The Dictionary cross-translates to/from any two languages from its database. Each term is covered by an explanatory article in English (or hyperlinked to an appropriate article). The length of the articles depends on the term. Most articles also include images, diagrams, and tables, as necessary.

Encyclopaedia and Multilingual Dictionary

Book chapter: J Van Dyk.

Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Resources for Working, Teaching, and Learning

In the textbook: The Modern Technology of Radiation Oncology, Vol. 3.

The Sprawls Educational Resources and Textbooks:

Visuals for Classroom Teaching:


The Education and Training Committee of the IOMP provides a global listing of graduate education programs in medical physics as an aid to both students and professionals in medicine. Links to web pages provides easy access for students wishing to locate study opportunities.

MP programs MEFOMP

MP programs Latin America

MP programs USA

MP programs FAMPO

MP-programme-Europe – April 2023 (2)

MP programs Asia Pacific

MP programs Canada

Certification is a way to mark the achievements of clinical medical physicists who have fulfilled the requirements in education and training as described in the IOMP Policy Statements No. 1 and 2. The International Medical Physics Certification Board is an independent organization established with the assistance of IOMP in 2010.

The link is


Education and Training Programmes

1. Global On-Line Medical Physics. (GOMP)
On-line medical physics textbooks or chapters of textbooks – click here

2. IAEA Training Packages on Radiation Protection

  • Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
  • Radiotherapy
  • NuclearMedicine

For link to IAEA website go to:

For the above training material go to: 3. Practical Learning for RT Professionals

At short training videos on a variety of radiotherapy related activities can be viewed.The intention of these is to raise competency levels of radiotherapy staff, not just physicists, and facilitate standardization of practice. There is no cost associated with accessing the site although registration is required.