PTW is a global market leader for dosimetry solutions in radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology, metrology and radiation monitoring.
For almost a century, our innovations and technologies have contributed significantly to treatment success and patient safety in modern radiation medicine. Today, PTW serves the needs of medical radiation experts in over 160 countries worldwide.



Keeping up with challenging plans, documentation, and urgent demands can distract from treating patients. This is why our founders, a team of clinical physicists, came together to develop a better way. Our suite of automation tools enables thousands of the hardest working cancer clinics across the world to do more in less time.

Our software solutions utilize intelligent automation to bring efficiency and accuracy to the treatment planning process—automating contouring, treatment planning, plan evaluation, secondary calculations, weekly physics checks, and more. Clinics love AutoContour, our new AI contouring software that instantly contours over 90 OARs and regions of interest, standardizing high-quality contours and saving time.

Experience increased quality, safety, and efficiency in treatment planning with Radformation.



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At Elekta, we have a united PURPOSE that motivates us as a company and as individuals—Hope for everyone dealing with cancer. It drives us towards our VISION – A world where everyone has access to the best cancer care. And we plan to get there through our MISSION – We improve patient lives by working together with our customers and partners.

As a leading innovator of precision radiation therapy solutions, Elekta is committed to ensuring that every patient has access to the best cancer care possible.

Our offering allows clinicians to treat more patients with increased quality, both with value-creating innovations in solutions and AI-supported service based on a global network.



LAP is a leading global provider of systems that increase quality and efficiency through laser projection, laser measurement, and other processes. Our market-leading systems are used worldwide for patient positioning in radiotherapy. With our phantoms and software, a wide range of quality assurance tasks in radiotherapy can be performed precisely, reliably, and quickly.



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