Celebration of IDMP 2023

Dear Medical Physics Colleagues,

I hope this mail finds you all well.

The International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP 2023) theme is:

“60th Anniversary: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”

IOMP would like to share with you the suggested activities as the day is approaching to mark this significant occasion for all of us:

1. To all IOMP Regional Organizations (RO) including AAPM and COMP and all Medical Physics National Member Organizations/Societies (NMO) to use the attached materials in your activities and upload them to your prospective websites.
Also, feel free to translate the attached documents to your local language and post it online.

2. To all RO and NMO Presidents to send us a short video (2 min) pertaining to the above Theme and to show the role of medical physicists during the last 60 years.

3. To all Medical Physicists around the world to be engaged and share the attached documents on Local and Social Media (TV, Radio, Talk shows, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok,…) and explain the role of medical physicists to the public in relation to this year’s theme (BE CREATIVE!).

4. Circulate and broadcast the IDMP 2023 Poster and the Coordinator Message to your contacts.

5. Please send your materials and videos to Dr. Chai Hong Yeong, Chair of IOMP Medical Physics World Board (MPWB) at yeongchaihong@gmail.com to upload in the IDMP 2023 webpage of IOMP.


Best Regards,

Ibrahim Duhaini, PhD, FIOMP, DIMPCB
IOMP Treasurer
IDMP Coordinator

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