COMP-OCMP International Day of Medical Physics 2020

This year the Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists (COMP) celebrated the International Day of Medical Physics’ theme “Medical Physicist as a Health Professional” through a photo submission contest.

Medical Physicists across the globe sent in photos with captions showing medical physicists performing clinical duties.

Congratulations to this year’s contest winner Varun Singh Thakur for:

“Nothing is simple in the time of COVID-19, but Varun Singh Thakur is ready to survey a patient after brachytherapy”, Allan Blair Cancer Centre






  1. Being part of a great adventure: starting a center from blueprints to full operation, Nadia Octave
  2. RPLD irradiated for dose audit, The Department of Radiation Oncology BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital Bharatpur-Chitwan, Nepal
  3. A moment in history: digitized Polaroid image of medical physicists performing measurements during the commissioning of a newly installed linac at the Cancer Centre in Kingston in the early 2000s, John Schreiner
  4. Craig Beckett taking a break for a photo in the middle of a linac upgrade, Allan Blair Cancer Centre
  5. Derek Liu with a custom ear bolus printed on our new 3D printer, Allan Blair Cancer Centre
  6. That smile when all the QA results are Green, Maruf Adewole, National Hospital Abuja
  7. Lisa Glass preparing the STEEV head phantom for his first CT scan (masks don’t stay on well with no ears), Allan Blair Cancer Centre
  8. Future physicist at work, Marie-Pierre Milette
  9. Setting up for a source strength calibration, post-source change, Krista Chytyk-Praznik
  10. Medical physicist performing quality control tests on an MRI scanner at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Atiyah Yahya Cross Cancer Institute
  11. Einstein’s portrait drawn by radiation, Yasin Coban Ada Oncology, Turkey
  12. PhD student Steve Collins performs LINAC quality assurance, Steve Collins
  13. Kristin Marchant getting the ultrasound probe ready for prostate HDR (or maybe training to be a jedi)

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