France celebrates IDMP 2021

IDMP 2021 Report: French Society of Medical Physics (SFPM)

One of the task groups of the SFPM is dedicated to spreading knowledge about medical physics to the general public. This task group took part in its first international day of Medical Physics in 2021. Among the amount of suggestions that have been made by the IOMP, two goals have been achieved by the group :

–       Nine short and impactful illustrated messages about the job of a medical physicist were created:


–       A video in French of many professionals’ testimonials about the highlights and interests of their careers was made:

In addition to the SFPM traditional communication channels (LinkedIn profile and website :, Twitter and Youtube accounts have been created to spread those contents for this special occasion.

The strategy was to draw the audience’s attention a few days before November 7th. For this purpose, posts of the illustrated messages were made on social media twice a day starting from the 4th, then the video was published on the 7th.

The impact of those posts is difficult to assess but ever since we have noticed thousands of shares and retweets of the messages on our social networks –mostly in the medical physics community – and a thousand views on our Youtube video which has been shared a lot, especially on Facebook. This video is considered by the task group to be the most effective in targeting and informing a more general public, hence having the best impact considering our initial goal. We are getting very positive feedback from both the community and the general public!

Miloudi Hanane

Moreau Matthieu

Hadj Henni Ahmed

Aventin Christophe

Blot-Lafon Valérie

Le Bourhis Julien

Working group in general public communication, SFPM

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