Hong Kong celebrates IDMP 2021

Dr Dennis NGAR (Vice President, HKAMP) introduced the IOMP and celebrated the IDMP in the October Allied Health & Pharmacy Meeting in Hong Kong Tuen Mun Hospital to the allied health members in the meeting.  The IDMP poster below was presented, with the main roles of medical physicists introduced in Chinese as well.  There were 18 Allied Health Seniors, the Senior Pharmacist, and several Hospital Management Officials at the meeting.  We received warm responses from the members.  Many of them expressed that an open International Day annually for a professional discipline is indeed a very good idea.  Dr Michael Lee (President, HKAMP) participated in a TV programme by a local media company (Now Media) in which he talked about the role of Medical Physicists, together with radiation safety.  The TV programme is scheduled to be broadcasted around mid Dec 2021.

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