Handbook for Basic Quality Control Tests for Diagnostic Radiology

In many countries, a significant number of X ray systems used in diagnostic radiology departments are not part of a regular quality assurance programme. This is mainly due to the lack of trained professionals and corresponding guidance. To address this issue, the IAEA organized a series of technical cooperation projects that aimed at building competence in establishing and strengthening quality assurance and quality control in X ray diagnostics and in applying best practices for quality and safety in diagnostic radiology. The most recent publication is the result of two workshops held in Vienna with the participation of experts representing European countries and representatives of professional societies. The main objective was to develop a basics handbook of harmonized quality control procedures for diagnostic radiology equipment on the basis of existing material, taking into consideration all the latest developments in the field. The aim of this handbook is to provide guidance towards achieving the best possible practices by summarizing detailed information on QC tests found in other publications. The objective is to reveal key issues in the X ray units and provides a summary of the minimum recommended scope of these tests using a resource stratified approach.


INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY, Handbook of Basic Quality Control Tests for Diagnostic Radiology, IAEA Human Health Series No. 47, IAEA, Vienna (2023); https://www.iaea.org/publications/14890/handbook-of-basic-quality-control-tests-for-diagnostic-radiology