IDMP 2018 in Japan

List of IDMP events by Japan Society of Medical Physics (JSMP)

(1) Chiba Event
Time: 17:00-18:30
City: Chiba
Venue: National Institute of Radiological Sciences, QST
Title: Let’s celebrate IDMP and discuss the future of medical physics
Style: Lecture and free discussion
Participants: 13

1. Opening remarks (N. Kanematsu, Event Organizer)
2. Video message on IDMP 2018 from IOMP President
3. Lecture “Overview of medical physics and relevant domestic and international organizations” (K. Akahane, JSMP President)
4. Free discussion (all participants)
5. Group photograph

(2) Osaka Event
Time: 18:00-20:00
City: Higashi-Osaka
Venue: Kindai University
Title: Application methods of AI and machine learning in medical physics
Style: Workshop
Participants: 40

Opening remarks
Hajime Monzen (Kindai University)
1. Basic Lecture
18:00 〜 18:15 Feasibility of AI and Machine Learning in Medical Physics
Hajime Monzen (Kindai University)
2. Utilization of machine learning in radiation therapy
Moderator:Kenji Matsumoto (Kindai University)
18:15 〜 18:30 Dose calculation
Kazuki Kubo (Tane General Hospital)
18:30 〜 18:45 Mechanical performance and safety
Mikoto Tamura (Kindai University)
18:45 〜 19:00 Sharing the model in multi-institutions
Yoshihiro Ueda (Osaka International Cancer Center)
3. Special Lecture
Moderator:Kohei Hanaoka (Kindai University)
19:10 〜 19:35 Outlook of AI
Iori Sumida (Osaka University)
19:35 〜 20:00 The future of AI in Medical Physics
Do-Kun Yoon (Catholic University of Korea)
Free Discussion
Closing remarks
Masahiko Okumura (Kindai University Hospital)

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