Madan Rehani, PhD
President, IOMP

Most visited items, free online subscription to Med Phys, joint IAEA-IOMP-CIRSE webinar

Dear Colleagues,

Our monitoring of visits shows that the items pertaining to scientific contents and free download of publications receive the highest visits. Accordingly, we make sure that you get both of these in each issue of the newsletter. In the current issue, the article on surface imaging compliments the article in previous issue in which high radiation doses to patients from recurrent CTs were reflected. Imaging dose in radiotherapy is increasing and in that respect the article in this issue is very pertinent.

Free online subscription to Medical Physics journal: Under an agreement of AAPM-IOMP, we have possibility to offer free subscription of Medical Physics journal to members in developing countries. Please use the link below to express interest. The slots are limited:

The first joint webinar of IAEA-IOMP-CIRSE on Managing radiation protection in fluoroscopy guided interventions: How we do it? Was held on 16th Jan 2020. It was jointly presented by an interventionalist and a medical physicist. It was more of a question answer type webinar rather than separate presentation by two speakers. There were more than 200 participants from over 55 countries attended. The recorded version of the webinar is available at>>>>.

I wish to add a warning about mushrooming of international conferences by private companies not connected with IOMP. They advertise the conference using name such as International Conference on Medical Physics. They even use ICMP, an abbreviation that we use for our ICMPs. I wish to request you to ignore these. Unless you see IOMP, these are fraudulent.