Dr. Young-Kee Oh
Keimyung University Daegu Dongsan Hospital
Daegu, S. Korea

Daegu had the greatest impact of COVID-19 with the largest number of positive cases in S Korea.

In Daegu, where Corona-19 began to rise rapidly, local hospitals limited the number of patients as much as possible. In many hospitals, the number of new patients and the number of patients treated with radiation decreased, but in our hospital, the number of patients treated with radiation increased.

The large hospitals capable of radiation therapy are very thorough in disinfection and quarantine, so cancer patients receiving radiation therapy are undergoing normal treatment, which is good for patients that health-care system is working fine even in the pandemic situation.

Always the necessary rules are maintained strictly such as wearing a mask and thoroughly disinfecting your hands, and keeping a social distance etc.

There is nothing special about medical physics services, as main physical services are performed without the patients like machine and patient QA.

The leaning from others will come up later when we are going to have interactions through conferences and seminars.

Even in this pandemic situation we struggle to maintain the health-care system for cancer patients and indeed thanks to prompt and appropriate actions luckily it is still working well, here in large part of S. Korea.