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List of webinars in Feb – Mar 2021

Although 2020 has been a challenging year given the unprecedented health crisis due to COVID-19 outbreak, it also opened opportunities for innovative education. IOMP launched the IOMP Webinars to support the international medical physics community in their professional development in the time of crisis.  A new addition to IOMP’s webinars series in 2021 is the IOMP-ALFIM webinars in Spanish language.

Recorded webinars are available on IOMP website. IOMP Webinars is our platform to keep abreast of newly developed techniques and skills across all fields of medical physics and offer a framework for sharing teaching material and experiences.

Check below the upcoming IOMP Webinars.

IOMP webinar jointly with WHO, IRPA and IAEA on Radiation Safety Culture

Tuesday, 9th Feb 2021 at 12 noon GMT

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Organizer and moderator: Prof. Madan Rehani, IOMP
Speakers in alphabetical orders of organization (IAEA, IOMP, IRPA, WHO):
Dr. Debbie Gilley, IAEA
Dr. Madan Rehani, IOMP
Dr. Bernard le Guen, IRPA
Dr. Maria Perez, WHO


Joint IAEA–IOMP–CIRSE webinar: What’s new in understanding radiation risks for patients in interventional procedures | IAEA

23 February 2021, 2 pm CET

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Moderator: Jenia Vassileva (IAEA)
Presenters: Madan Rehani (IOMP), Werner Jaschke (CIRSE)


IOMP-ALFIM webinars in Spanish language:

Seguridad y Protección en salas de Resonamcia Magnética: Actualización / Safety and Protection procedures in the MRI Suite

Friday, 26th Feb 2021 at 10 am Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Organizers:  Patricia Mora (ALFIM) and Madan Rehani (IOMP)

Speaker: Dr. Manuel Arreola


Joint IAEA–IOMP webinar: Patients Undergoing Recurrent CT Imaging: Managing Cumulative Doses | IAEA

16 March 2021, 2 pm CET

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Moderator: Jenia Vassileva (IAEA)
Presenter: Madan Rehani (IOMP)


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