Bibliographic database

A set of references was developed by the IOMP Science Committee covering the medical physics aspect of radiation therapy, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, and radiation safety. This dataset was compiled by several individuals acknowledged with each set of topics and has been reviewed by the following members of the previous IOMP Science Committee: Caridad Borras (past Chair), Bill Hendee, Jolyon Hendry, Colin Orton, and Natalka Suchowerska. The IOMP does not endorse any of these publications listed not does it assume responsibility for the use of this database.


  1. Radiotherapy Bibliography
  2. Radiation Safety Bibliography
  3. Nuclear Medicine Bibliography
  4. Medical Imaging Bibliography
  5. Chinese publications on Medical Physics
  6. IAEA Resources in Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics


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  2. IAEA publications in MP
  3. IDMP
  4. Saving Lives with the Right Dose of Radiation
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