John Damilakis, PhD, FIOMP
President IOMP

Role of RCB and Annual Reports 2022

The role of the Regional Coordination Board (RCB) is to coordinate the exchange of activities and good practices between all members in the Regions of IOMP and regularly share information about the developments in the IOMP Regional Organisations. The RCB maintains closer links between the leads of IOMP and the Regional Organisations and fosters inter-regional collaboration for the advancements of medical physics. The RCB membership includes the President IOMP, Vice-President IOMP, Secretary-General IOMP and the Presidents and Secretaries-General of all Regional Organisations from Africa, Asia-Oceania, South-East Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America and North America (AAPM/COMP).

The last RCB meeting was held in Singapore during the 2022 World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering. You can find below the reports of IOMP regional organizations:

AAPM Annual Report (June 2022)

AFOMP Annual Report (June 2022)

ALFIM Annual Report (June 2022)

COMP Annual Report (June 2022)

EFOMP Annual Report (June 2022)

FAMPO Annual Report (June 2022)

MEFOMP Annual Report (June 2022)

SEAFOMP Annual Report (June 2022)