Preamble to IOMP Historical Data: Tables 1 – 32

Like most, if not all, scientific societies, the IOMP relies heavily on the support of our members to preserve history of our Organization. This is even more important for the IOMP since we have no permanent headquarters or staff to keep records. Clearly nothing can be achieved without the voluntary assistance of our members. Many members have dedicated their time and effort to advanced the goals and objectives of the Organization. In order to document this support, the History SubCommittee provides the following Tables (1-32) that document the work of those individuals who have, over the years, committed time and energy to make it possible for IOMP to achieve its aims and aspirations.

Table 1-IOMP Officers 2019

Table 2-Member Countries 2019

Table 3-IUPESM Officers 2019

Table 4-Affiliated Regional Organizations 2019

Table 5-Corporate Members 2019

Table 6-ICMP-WC 2019

Table 7-ISEP 2019

Table 8i-Sponsored Meetings 2019

Table 9-MPW Editors 2019

Table 10-MPW Outline 2019

Table 11-MPI Editors 2019

Table 12-MPI Outline 2019

Table 13-AHC Membership 2019

Table 14-Awards and Honors Recipients 2019

Table 15-ETC Membership 2019

Table 16-SC Membership 2019

Table 17-PRC Membership 2019

Table 18-ILP 2019

Table 19-PC Membership 2019

Table 20-NC Membership 2019

Table 21-RC Membership 2019

Table 22-FSC Membership 2019

Table 23-ICOMMP Membership 2019

Table 24-HSC Membership 2019

Table 25-WSC Membership 2019

Table 26-Corporate Liaison 2019

Table 27-Web Sub Com 2019

Table 28-FIOMP 2019

Table 29-RCB 2019

Table 30-IOMP Company 2019

Table 31-IOMP Newsletter 2019

Table 32-Video Interviews for IOMP 2019