IOMP Webinar: Cumulative Dose: What, Why, When, How, and How Much?

Wednesday, 26th April 2023 at 12 pm GMT; Duration 1 hour

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Organizer: John Damilakis, IOMP
Moderator: John Damilakis, IOMP

Speaker: Madan Rehani, PhD

Dr. Madan Rehani is Director, Global Outreach for Radiation Protection at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. He was President, IOMP (2018- 2022) and is currently President IUPESM. He is a retired Professor of Medical Physics and also retired from the IAEA where he worked for 11 years. He was Head of the WHO Collaborating Center on Imaging Technology and Radiation Protection in India. Dr. Rehani is an Emeritus Member, International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), having been active member for 24 years. He is author of 9 Annals of ICRP, 4 of which as Chair of the TG. He is Senior editor Br J Radiology and Assoc Editor, Eur J Medical Physics. He has more than 180 publications, has written 40 chapters in Books and edited 5 books. Besides medical physics & radiology journals, he has published papers in clinical journals e.g. JAMA Intern Med, Br Med J, Eur Heart J, Cardiovascular Imaging, Am J Gastroenterol, Circulation J, The Lancet.


Despite criticism, there is no way out from cumulative effective dose (CED) when several organs are involved, and we have to focus on the patient’s radiation safety in addition to the technique dose. One cannot close eyes to stochastic risks when patients are receiving cumulative doses in three digits of mGy of organ doses or three digits of mSv of CED in a short period of a few years. Scientists involved in studying radiation effects inform us that we have to sum doses from imaging exams performed at different times and they do not have gap correction factors for stochastic effects. Studies published in the last 3 years have brought new results, never before known. They have opened a new era where every one of us has the potential to contribute to enhancing patient radiation safety and the manufacturers have to do much more. The talk will deal with what lies ahead, which is more powerful than controversies.