For a second consecutive year IOMP celebrates the International Medical Physics Week by series of webinars dedicated to various professional, educational and organizational aspects of Medical Physics.

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Dear Colleagues,

The main purpose of the International Medical Physics Week (IMPW) is to motivate organization of activities in a defined week that result in the promotion of the subject of medical physics globally.  We will celebrate IMPW 2021 in April from 26-30. The general public is not aware of the critical role medical physicists play in providing services in medical, educational and research institutions. All regional and national organizations are invited to participate by organizing relevant activities taking into consideration pandemic restrictions.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a major challenge for every sector in our society. The crisis-related restrictions of travelling and social distancing have led to a sharp decline in education and training activities. As a consequence, digital learning has been developed considerably. The year 2021 is another period of opportunities for innovative education.  The ‘IOMP School’ organizes a series of webinars to celebrate the IMPW 2021. All IMPW webinars are free to register and attend. The only prerequisites are a thirst for knowledge and a broader understanding of the topic.

I would like to encourage you to participate in the webinars and benefit from the expertise of our distinguished invited speakers.

Happy IMPW 2021!

With my best wishes,

Prof. John Damilakis

Vice President, IOMP

Dear Colleagues,

The webinars of IOMP started last year during IMPW 2020 were a great success despite the time zone differences that made participants from countries in Oceanian and Pacific region to remain awake till around midnight and those in Western part of North America to be up very early like 5 AM. Despite this, we have been having reasonable participation of about 500, on an average, with maximum number around 800. It may be important to note that IOMP has neither been providing CME credits nor a certificate of participation and thus it has been purely educational interest driving participants to the activity. The visit statistics of recorded webinars made available on IOMP website is also indicative of the interest our professional colleagues have shown in the topics covered.

With that in background, much as we will like different countries and organizations to organize activities during the IMPW 2021, we decided to have one hour webinar every day during the week 26-30 April.

You are encouraged to organize events in your city and country with the objective of

  1. Popularizing the profession among other colleagues in the clinical and non-clinical field as also among public,
  2. Promoting medical physics among physics colleagues to let them know how their students can find a career in medical physics
  3. To let medical physicists know how they can do better in patient care
  4. You are welcome to choose your theme that best suits you locally

Madan Rehani, President, IOMP


IMPW 2021 Program

Organizers: John Damilakis and Madan Rehani.

One webinar every day at 12 noon GMT.


Monday, 26th April

Monochromatic X-rays: A new source with potential to replace century-old technology

Moderator: John Damilakis

Speakers: Madan Rehani and Eric Silver

Click here for more details



Tuesday, 27th April

Artificial Intelligence and medical physics: The initial experience of the SINFONIA Horizon project’

Moderator: Mika Kortesniemi

Speakers: John Damilakis and Habib Zaidi

Click here for more details



Wednesday, 28th April

Patient radiation protection: How IAEA and WHO are contributing?”

Moderator: Madan Rehani

Speakers: Ola Holmberg and Maria Perez

Click here for more details



Thursday, 29th April

Does contact shielding improve patient safety?

Moderator: Chai Hong Yeong

Speaker: Paddy Gilligan

Click here for more details



Friday, 30th April

The management of unintended and accidental exposures

Moderator: Eva Bezak

Speaker: Colin Martin

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Technical support, promotion, recording: Prof. Magdalena Stoeva